Bass Guitar Scales

Bass Guitar Scales

C Melodic Minor Bass Guitar Scales December 15, 2007

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One of the most often overlooked ways to play bass guitar scales is one octave on two strings.   These are four notes per string patterns, and are precursors to really being able to whip around the fretboard and connect the in position shapes that are always taught.

If you google “bass guitar scales” the first page that always pops up has all the in position fingerings.  Now, I’m not going to show you those because someone else already has, and I think they’re not so useful for making music.  They’re OK for sightreading practice, but if you want to jam, you need to now how to move up and down the neck with grace.

So, here are the scales:

C Melodic Minor on the D and G strings

C Melodic Minor on the A and D strings

C Melodic Minor on the E and A strings

Notice the slides.  No, I don’t want you to slur the notes.  The slides I’ve notated are where you’re supposed to shift positions.  Use your index finger as an anchor, and always slide with it on these scales.  Tomorrow I’ll post these shapes in F and G. We’re going to go through the circle of fifths in opposite directions simultaneously!

Good luck with these bass guitar scales!


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